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MY.GAMES to hold online UI/UX summit on The Big Deal platform

Аn online UI/UX summit on April 7, 2021

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The Big Deal platform is holding an online UI/UX summit on April 7, 2021. This will be another in a series of professional MY.GAMES TBD PRO events where game dev experts share their knowledge and expertise across various pressing topics in the video game industry. MY.GAMES studio Pixonic will be running the show, while the event will also be supported by video games media hub PLAYER ONE, online education platforms Geekbrains and Skillbox, as well as PC accessories maker Trust.

You can find the event’s detailed program here, and register using this link. The summit will have two main blocks: the first half’s presentations will appeal to newcomers, while the second half will be tailored to experienced specialists as it will have more of a niche focus. Regardless of experience, all participants will find plenty of valuable information and useful insights.

TBD PRO: UI/UX will have industry experts talk about their experience in creating game interfaces, flow, analytics, unique approaches to research, and other aspects of game development. The summit’s participants will discover what the journey to working in UI/UX design is like, how a design team works and their tools of choice, and which services are still in demand.

“Some ten years ago, game development in Russia and the CIS was still not taken seriously as an industry, and having a proper UI designer on board was only reserved for the largest of companies. Game dev today is an incredible niche for gamers and developers alike. UX became increasingly important in games, bringing UI/UX in the industry to a whole new level. Specialists are finding it vital to network and exchange opinions and experience, and this is why we decided to host TBD PRO: UI/UX to discuss what’s most important in the industry, and for top-tier experts to spend some quality time together,” said Alexandra Romanova, Lead UI/UX Designer at Pixonic.

TBD PRO: UI/UX will be held online. The event will be live on DTF’s Twitch channel on April 7. You can also follow the event here on Facebook.


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